New technological solutions to enable equitable and sustainable hemodialysis in Scotland and Australia

A RSE Saphire Award in collaboration with the University of Melbourne Australia 

This project is aimed at sharing innovative technological solutions available in the two partner Institutions to make the haemodialysis (HD) treatment more sustainable and equitable. The project builds from RSE project SUSMEDIA  in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

With the present project we want to extend the collaboration to the University of Melbourne, which possesses expertise and knowledge in the field of water purification with sustainable methods. Furthermore, there is common interest in Scotland and Australia to make the hemodialysis treatment less water consuming, and more easily available to people living in remote areas. 
The main output of the project will be a final document in the form of an open access paper illustrating the most promising research activities that can be harmonised to reduce the inequality and improve the accessibility and sustainability of HD for people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). We will be looking at solutions aimed at miniaturisation of the haemodialysis device which can make home dialysis easier and more affordable by

Collaborators: Prof. Sandra Kentish, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, university of Melbourne. 

The University of Melbourne